Lighting Package

For convenient access to your stored items anytime, consider our lighting
package. With LED lights, plug-ins, and a pigtail extension cord, finding what you need in your
container becomes effortless, day or night. This is particularly beneficial for accessing items
stored on shelves within your container.

Heating and Lighting Package

For those utilizing their customized container as a workspace or
storing temperature-sensitive equipment, proper heating and lighting are essential. When
installing heating, insulation is equally crucial. Our heat and lighting package includes an
electrical panel, lights, plug-ins, and a ceiling-mounted forced-air heater, maximizing wall space
usability. This setup ensures ideal conditions for storing sensitive items or working comfortably
even during the harsh Canadian winters.

Cooling, Heating and Lights Package:

Enhance your modified shipping container with our Heat,
Lights, and Cooling Package—a comprehensive electrical solution. This package combines the
features of our Lighting Package with a temperature-controlled unit. Given Canada’s fluctuating
temperatures, our 6,000 BTU air conditioning unit ensures comfort during scorching summers.
And for added efficiency, insulation is a must-have alongside your heating and cooling