Container Land Preaches Versitality and therefore, we offer a wide range of options for installing doors to your dream modifications!

Roll-up Doors:

Enhance accessibility to your storage container with the inclusion of one or multiple roll-up doors! These doors serve as a valuable addition to your acquired Container Land Container, particularly if you intend to transform your shipping container into a durable yet portable storage solution offering effortless entry

Incorporating roll-up doors is an excellent choice for transforming your modified Container Land unit into a versatile storage solution. By adding one or two roll-up doors to your acquired shipping container, you gain convenient access to various sections of your storage unit, facilitating swift loading and unloading. Roll-up doors prove invaluable for storage containers, particularly when larger access points are necessary for accommodating sizable equipment and supplies. Known for their robustness and low maintenance requirements, these doors offer durability and reliability. whole family!

If you're considering adding a personnel entry door, we're equipped to assist with that as well!

Roll Up Door Specifications:

– The standard height of a roll up door Is 7-feet with an opening of 6’9”
– Width of door is customizable to 6’, 8’ or 10’
– Location of door is customizable to your choice
– Rollup doors come with a sliding latch that can be used to keep the door closed – padlocks can be
added for extra security

Personnel Door (Man Doors):

At Container Land, we understand the importance of accessibility and functionality in container modifications. That’s why we offer the option to add personnel (man) doors to our containers, providing our customers with a range of benefits. Our man doors are built to be tough, secure, and stylish, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal. These doors offer convenient entry and exit points, making it easier to access the contents within the container. Whether it’s for onsite offices, workshops, or storage units, the addition of personnel (man) doors enhances usability, especially in environments
where frequent ingress and egress are necessary. Additionally, personnel (man) doors contribute to safety by providing an alternative exit in emergency situations. Their presence adds versatility to container usage, allowing for seamless integration into various environments and applications such as
construction sites, events, or remote workspaces. Overall, the inclusion of personnel (man) doors elevates the efficiency and effectiveness of modified containers, providing our customers with enhanced functionality and peace of mind. 

Our steel personnel doors, often referred to as “man doors,” are designed with convenience and security in mind. Configured as right-hand reverse, the handle is positioned on the left-hand side when viewed from outside the container, with hinges on the right-hand side, opening towards you.
Equipped with a locking passage set, these doors ensure the safety of your belongings. For added security, consider adding a personnel door lockbox to your unit. Built to match the toughness and durability of the container itself, our personnel doors are an ideal addition to any build, particularly for
offices and workshops. They provide easy access to your modified Container Land unit without the need to constantly use the cargo doors. Your dedicated Container Land Consultant will collaborate with you to determine the optimal location for installing your door, ensuring seamless integration into
your container modification project